Offer – 4 week intermediate course, £41

Our next online intermediate course starting on Saturday 2 August. It’s currently on special offer at £41 from £70 and includes peer and tutor feedback over 4 weeks. This course would be useful for anyone who has attended a few workshops or done a course or two previously and wants to extend their writing with some new, more advanced techniques.

We cover:

Finding a market
Conflict in dialogue
Motif and subtext
Next steps

More information here:

Let me now if you have any questions – in the meantime, happy writing!


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2 responses to “Offer – 4 week intermediate course, £41

  • catey2014

    Hi Sarah

    I got your email below I know I didn’t send all my work in – on last course mainly due to work commitments but doing your course even on the limited work I put in has really helped me get back to writing would the course be any use to me or would I need to do another beginners one ? I have taken the writing I did on the few pieces I sent you and mingled them into my story line for a book may only be me that gets to read It but I am enjoying it again which is good ?

    If you have any queries please do not hesitate to contact me.


    Kinds Regards

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