New self-study version of our How to: Write a Novel course

Sunday, 28 Sep 2014 For 90 days

£50 (£350 for traditional online study)

This is the self-study version of our How to: Write a Novel course.

You will follow the same itinerary as our online students and can either participate in the self-study forum for feedback, take work to your writer’s group, or be your own critic.

At the end of the course, you’ll receive a free quick manuscript appraisal of your novel, worth £40

Further details:

Everyone’s got a novel in them… have you? So what’s the difference between novels that languish in dusty drawers and those in the Waterstones display window? For most, the answer is study, perseverance and a helping hand.

This 3 month online course aims to equip you with the things every novelist needs: The idea, the ability and the guidance.

You will take part in weekly peer to peer writing workshops and gain first-rate tuition from Guardian Not the Booker nominee, Dr Sarah Dobbs, author of Killing Daniel.

We have links with publishers, editors and agents and will recommend selected students.

Book now

    Week 1 – Introduction – inspiration and ideas.

    Week 2 – The First Page.

    Week 3 – Character as plot.

    Week 4 – Throughlines and timelining: how to plan

    Week 5 – Subplot and minor characters

    Week 6 – When and how to research. Mid-course review.

    Week 7 – Dynamic dialogue

    Week 8 – Voice, tone and POV

    Week 9 – Genre and description: the senses

    Week 10 – Drawing the strands to a close; endings

    Week 11 – Editing: redrafting with different lenses

    Week 12 – Review and where to go from here: the Agent, the covering letter & synopsis.

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