Editing services

From £40 for quick appraisals to full novel reports, we think we’ve got all your editing needs covered. Prices are based on manuscripts of 80,000 -words approx. Please get in touch if you have any other queries or to request a quote for your work – sarahjanedobbs “@” gmail.com

Manuscript appraisals, from £40 These can be as little or as long you like – we work on a per project basis. A quick appraisal is £40 per hour and you’re free to take the single hour. Sometimes a novel / piece of work is ‘sticking’ and you can’t figure out what is wrong with it. We act as a fresh eye and might just be the thing you need to kick-start a broken book or get the record playing again, if you see what we mean.


Full edit and report, £250 Our most popular choice. The full edit goes through your novel/work making suggestions as and when we come across an element that needs ‘fixing’. Sometimes, this will just be suggestions – ‘e.g. the narratorial style creates distance, suggest limited omniscience’ but often they’ll hone in on issues with POV, consistency of character, structural ‘looseness’ etc. The report is a thorough 10-page document that will summarise the notes on the script, expanding and offering advice about how to make the book ready to send to a publisher/agent.


Copy-edit, £200 This is like the full edit, but without the report. Customers often choose this option after having a full edit. It’s more than a proofread, which will make sure your script is error-free, and might still offer creative suggestions, as well as checking for consistency.

Proofread, £175 This option will ensure your manuscript is clean. Spelling, punctuation and grammar changes will be made for you, for example. You might opt or this if your manuscript has been through a full edit with us or another editor.

Whatever your needs, get in touch sarahjanedobbs “@” gmail.com

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