Online Courses


Self-study: complete beginners – £15, 10 weeks

This self-study course is for complete beginners and is an expanded version of our textbook, Creative Writing for Creative People: Beginners. It includes additional exercises, examples and tutor comments to help you through the course

Online Beginners – £60, 4 weeks

Starting to write – this course encourages people completely new to creative writing, or those with a little background. You may have written when you were younger or have attended a short course a few years ago. Share work with other beginners.

Online Intermediate – £65, weeks

You will have done some writing before and are now wanting to hone your work.
We look at how to develop your writing, using tone as plot and how to insert conflict in dialogue. You will also gain skills in how to increase your our own self awareness as a writer, which is crucial for your continued development.

Online Advanced – £70, 4 weeks

You’ve done some writing before and maybe even had a few things published. Or, you’re dedicated to learning technique and want to extend your craft. This course combines learning advanced skills with the importance of editing and reflection.

How to: Write a Novel – £325, 12 weeks

Everyone’s got a novel in them… have you? So what’s the difference between novels that languish in dusty drawers and those in the Waterstones display window? For most, the answer is study, perseverance and a helping hand. This 3 month online course aims to equip you with the things every novelist needs: The idea, the ability and the guidance.

Book any of these courses with Hotcourses – or book direct here.

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