Creative Writing for complete Beginners – 10 weeks for £10

This 10 week distance learning beginners course can be completed in your own time. The materials and course were built from evening courses I’d run when lecturing at Blackburn. There are examples of writing and we provide unique and lively tasks to get you looking at the world more creatively – and get you writing fiction.

A good start if you’re new to writing and want to learn a few basics before coming to our workshops!

Price: usually £15, now £10

To book, just click here and select one of our start dates writing group


Any questions, just ask!

Creative writing: complete beginners – self study

This self-study course is for complete beginners and is an expanded version of our textbook, Creative Writing for Creative People: Beginners. It includes additional exercises, examples and tutor comments to help you through the course. There is an end of course task that will get you working towards a goal for the remainder of the course, putting into practice what you have learned so far. The course is designed to aid complete beginners to Creative Writing, or to provide a quick refresher or sampler for those who are not quite ready to start one of our tutored courses. Course materials are sent as a PDF document, or you can study online, depending on your preference.

Week 1 – Freewriting

Week 2 – Keeping a journal and starting to look

Week 3 – Effective Critiquing and Redrafting

Week 4 – Writing from Life

Week 5 – Creating Character

Week 6 – Dialogue

Week 7 – Short stories, opening lines and plot

Week 8 – End of course task and poetry

Week 9 – Script

Week 10 – Where to go from here…

You can see all our other courses on Hotcourses

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